Programs to Improve Employee Health & Productivity.

Make the investment that pays off in reduced healthcare and efficiency costs…

“A review of 72 studies published in the American Journal of Health Promotion indicated an average corporate wellness ROI of $3.48 per $1 when considering health care costs alone, $5.82 when examining absenteeism and $4.30 when both outcomes are considered.”

SHRM website, 10 Steps for Wellness Program Success

Charlaine Reynolds, with Age Transitions, speaks with Worksite Wellness Council of Louisville Chair Matt Schwartz about the challenges of caregiving. It’s a new reality for many in the workplace and employers must ensure that their people know the importance of taking care as they care for others.

Personal Nutrition for Healthy Eating

A one-hour workshop that uses CDC best practices for nutrition and preparation of healthy meals.
Cooking demos available!

Can I Really Stop Smoking?

A one-hour workshop for employees interested in becoming a non-smoker to assess their personal readiness for this life-changing behavior modification

Smoking Cessation – You Can Do It!

A series of weekly one-hour educational and support group meetings to guide participants through highly effective programs such as Cooper-Clayton and the American Lung Association “Freedom from Smoking”

Navigating the Caregiver Maze

A one-hour workshop to guide caregivers through the maze of issues involved with helping loved ones address the impact of aging and failing health

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