Older Adult Consulting Louisville KYPlanning ahead instills confidence in decision-making and brings peace of mind.

Age Transitions has a deep understanding of the quality of life concerns that come with getting older. It shows in the respectful relationships we build with all family members and our responsiveness to concerns.  Most older adults prefer to “age in place” at home. Learn how to reduce the risk of losing independence.

Age Transitions will:

  • Perform a home safety assessment (Falls cost Medicare $33 billion dollars each year)
  • Educate and advocate for the entire family
  • Facilitate family meetings
  • Assess for potential future needs after a devastating diagnosis
  • Support family caregivers when parents are resistant to care
  • Educate long-distance caregivers and guidance to programs and care managers across the country
  • Act as liaison for long-distance caregivers  – Age Transitions is your eyes and ears
  • Expert advice on the differences between levels of care in facilities
  • Understand that chronic conditions factor into planning for the future

Needs Assessment

Our in-home assessment analyzes:

  • Physical challenges
  • Cognitive status
  • Social and emotional requirements
  • Safety of living spaces

 Care Planning and Coordination

Based on the assessment, a senior care plan may include:

  • Health recommendations
  • Home care
  • Socialization opportunities
  • Financial and legal resources
  • Community resources
  • Support groups
  • Living options

We help our clients implement and monitor the senior care plan and we stay involved to make sure the plan is functioning smoothly.

Medical Advocacy

Serious medical issues can be overwhelming, particularly for an older adult who may be living with some diminished mental capacity.  We help support your loved one by:

  • Managing and attending medical appointments
  • Implementing doctor’s recommendations
  • Acting as a liaison between families and senior living communities

Family Support

We help families as they cope with the ongoing changes in their older loved one’s needs:

  • Finding a support system
  • Offering referrals to support groups, counselors, legal, financial and community services
  • Providing mediation services to families who disagree on a plan of action

After-hours appointments available – save your vacation time for vacation