Assessment and Planning…

    • Set short-term & long-term goals;
    • Create alternative plans;
    • Assess safety;
  • Assess mental health needs.

Age Transitions will help you set short-term and long-term goals based on your situation

We work together to develop a “Plan A” for the situation you are facing. Because circumstances often change, we will also develop a “Plan B.”

Conduct an in-home safety assessment

Falls are the number one cause of accidents in adults over age 50. We will walk through your home and discover any places of potential risk. Then Charlaine offers solutions to any risk areas, and also provide referrals for any services or devices that may be needed.

We will also consider potential fall risks other than the physical environment, and provide referrals for effective fall prevention programs that are covered by Medicare and most insurance plans. Charlaine will also give you information about successful evidence-based in-home exercise programs.

Assess any mental health and/or dementia needs

Age Transitions will work with you to define social and recreational goals and suggest appropriate support groups for the family. This helps your family feel more empowered in your situation, and Charlaine will suggest proven programs that help enhance mental health.

Service Fees

A flat fee of $450.00 includes:

  • An initial in-home visit
  • A written report of action items with referral suggestions and contact information
  • Educational materials
  • A follow-up visit or a 30-minute follow-up phone conference
  • Follow-up email support, as needed

 If your family needs additional guidance, Charlaine provides follow-up phone support or in-person visits at a rate of $150 per hour.  Major credit cards accepted.